Civil Society Involvement in Drug Policy Conference 2018


Brussels, Belgium

The Civil Society Involvement in Drug Policy (CSIDP) Conference will bring together civil society organisations, national and European policy makers and other stakeholders to discuss the importance of civil society involvement in drug policy. 

The conference will take place on November 5, 2018, organised by the European Harm Reduction Network - Correlation in Brussels.

Presentations will be held on the level of involvement in the European Member States. The conference will provide models of good practice and discuss potential bottlenecks and shortcomings. The following questions will be addressed: Why is civil society involvement important? What has been achieved so far? How can the civil society involvement be improved? What are the main  principles for meaningful involvement and what is needed for this on European, national and local level?

The two Civil Society Fora – the one on Drugs and the one on HIV, Hepatitis and Tuberculosis – will present their activities on European and international level. Relevant stakeholders, including governmental officials and civil society representatives will share different approaches and perspectives. Interactive sessions will enable the participants to discuss the role and the limitations of civil society and inspire each other to improve the cooperation and the dialogue between civil society and policy makers.

Detailed programme available at csidp.eu/programme