EU health policy platform thematic network on HIV, tuberculosis, viral hepatitis and STIs

EU health policy platform thematic network on HIV, tuberculosis, viral hepatitis and STIs

“HIV, Tuberculosis, Viral Hepatitis and Sexually Transmitted Infections” Thematic Network by the EU CSF was among four proposals selected by the European Commission at the 2022 Thematic Networks kick-off meeting.

Below are all four proposals:

  •  “DisQo anti-discrimination & health equity” led by the European Public Health Alliance
  • “HIV, Tuberculosis, viral hepatitis and sexually transmitted infections” led by EU Civil Society Forum
  • “Managing Health Inequalities in the EU through Artificial Intelligence” led by Brunel Centre for Artificial Intelligence: Social & Digital Innovations and Health Action International
  • “Mental health in all policies” led by Mental Health Europe

With the European Health Policy Platform Thematic Network on HIV/TB/VH/STIS, the CSF aims to raise awareness of outstanding challenges, nurture solution-oriented collaboration among stakeholders beyond the CSF membership (see here). It will focus on stakeholders’ perspectives, including on the contribution of EU-level cooperation in support of country efforts. This Thematic Network will organise 3 public webinars in collaboration with the European Commission, DG Sante, by engaging a wide range of stakeholders, and will develop a Joint Statement summarising issues, promising practices and as practical as possible suggestions actions raised in the network.


The network meetings, webinars, and the drafting of the Joint Statement will take place between November 2022-April 2023. The final Join Statement will be presented to the European Commission in April/May 2023. At the end of the process, the Joint Statement will be disseminated at relevant via relevant policy, clinical and service providers’ communication channels, discussion forums and at conferences.

Join the network!

Join the Network and contribute to European level policy and programme development by providing knowledge and expertise from the ground to EU institutions, national governments, and international public health agencies. For questions and/or requests to join the network, please contact Ann-Isabelle Von Lingen or Ferenc Bagyinszky

Here you can find more information about the  Thematic Network on HIV, tuberculosis, viral hepatitis and STIs